(NPC) Yoko Nobu

Specialty Ninja Tools Shop Owner


Yoko Nobu is the friendly merchant of death. While he himself is not a ninja he has mastered the art of fuinjutsu and ninja weapons crafting. He sells scrolls, seals, explosive tags, rare weapons, puppet parts, and hard to find herbs. He specializes in find oddities around the world through his connections and selling them to the ninja of the Crashing Waves nation.

He is a friendly guy and sells his goods at the lowest price he can to stay in buissness. He loves seeing a young ninja go through his shop and see their dreams of what they can do with his goods start to come sparking alive.

He is a charming enough fellow, but he can be quite quirky when it comes to ninja tools and people often find that Yoko loves the tools more than the ninja who use them. To him everthing he makes and sells is a work of art. His specialty is masks, he makes the best ninja masks in the entire world. Ninjas from other villages will often come to the Crashing Waves nation just to buy Yoko’s powerful masks. People have been killed for some of his greater works alone.

However, because of this obsession he has little luck finding women, although he himself is a hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to fall in love in some dramatic fashion and retire to the hills.

(NPC) Yoko Nobu

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