(Jonin) Kuzushi

Katon Master [The Dragon]


Kuzushi was born after his father died and his mother died giving birth to him. As such he was raised as an orphan. When he turned of age he joined the Ninja Acadamy and trained to become a great ninja. He then went to war when he graduated and became a devestating force.

Kuzushi was born with a special super hot chakra called “Blaze Release” which was a virulent mixture of his fire and wind chakra. As he grew older the heat became so intense within his body it physically began to cook his own flesh. Because of this he requires near daily medical attention and his body needs to be kept wrapped so his skin doesn’t become infected.

However, his potent power can also be vented onto the battlefield. When Yakedo fights, he leaves nothing behind. He is currently fighting in the fiire nation to assist them with their current endeavors against the searing wind and storm nations.

His relentless and powerful flames earned him the title “The Dragon” on the battlefield. His flames burn with such intensity they often leave glass and obsidian behind as proof he was there.

(Jonin) Kuzushi

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