(Group A2) Shizuru Soga

Ninja Tools Specialist


Shizuru was born to a poor family with a soldier father and a tailor mother. For a long time it was assume Shizuru would become a tailor, but one day Shizuru ran away from home and started watching the ninjas practice at the Acadamy. She fell in love with ninjas!

Her mother would not allow her to join or become a ninja, but her father secretly enroleld her in it. He fought against ninjas during the war and knew their terrifying power, he watched as his entire battalion was consumed wiped out by a single jutsu used by some ninja. The sad part was, it wasn’t even aimed at them.

Her father wanted her to be able to survive the coming war so he allowed her to join. She joined a year late but quickly made up the differance with hard work and perseverance. She graduated with average scores, but she graduated.

Her favoring of ninja tools placed her in the same squad as Kira and Kojo, as she too prefered the Crashing Wave’s battle umbrella. She relies mostly on needles hidden in her umbrella as well as powerful neurotoxins sythesized from blowfish toxins.

She has an often grouchy personality and hates being looked down on because her parents weren’t ninja. She has, as some would say, an inferiority complex because she started at the acadamy a year late. She always feels the need to assert her successes and feels like someone beating her at anything is somehow an intentialnal slight against her.

(Group A2) Shizuru Soga

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