(Jonin) Yusu Oda

Fuinjutsu Master


Yusu was born to the notorous Oda clan who practice dark ninjutsu and shadow magics. She was raised as her predicessors were, with an iron rod and a black book of dark ninjutsu. She quickly became a sealing expert under the tutalage of her dark master, and as the clan requires she eventually took his life when she grew more powerful than him and absorbed his soul into her body.

While many veiw the Oda clan as evil practicioners of the dark arts there are those who veiw them as a practical neccesity to the survival of the nation. Their experements and dark arts never pour out into the streets or affect the peasentry so they have always been left alone.

Yusu serves the Crashing Waves nation with loyalty and bears most of the nations forbidden arts on her body as tattoos. These tattoos will vanish upon her death with the rest of her body and be transfered to her next of kin in an extremely painful ordeal. That being said, she has a single daughter who is curently three years old and under the care of her grandfather who is training her in the same dark arts Yusu herself was trained in.

Yusu specializes in fuinjutsu, the arts of sealing the physical realm, the mental realm, and even the spiritual realm into one space. She wears a mask which she sealed (enchanted) herself. The mask grants her immense power and speed, as well as insight into even darker arts than she knows herself.

She is always willing to take on pupils, but pupils rarely seek her out because of her brutal teaching methods. Two students have died under her tutalage and only three have ever finished her training. All three of them have either quit being ninjas or gone mad. She claims that these students sought an easy way to power and found that they lacked the mental fortitude required to master the sealing arts.

(Jonin) Yusu Oda

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