(NPC) Tatsu Oyakata

Acadamy Teacher


Tatsu fought during the 30 years war and barely survived. He is a pretty average ninja, he only ever reached the rank of chunin, but he is widely liked and very good with children. It was a combination of these character traits that led him to being hired as the Acadamy Teacher.

Tatsu is a very strict teacher, but is still very likeable. He is funny, but manages to remind his pupils that what they learn from him could oneday save themselves, or someone they care about.

He is known for being a forgiving person, but his punishments can oftentimes be very strict. However, his punishements ussually also sufice as a teaching or training tool. Such as running laps, holding heavy things up for a long time, writeing and rewriting text from a shinobi encyclopedia, etc etc. The punishment ussually suit whatever he veiwed the student as being deficent in.

Tatsu also has a wonderful wife he met after the war and together they have one child, who the have agreed to not raise as a ninja.

(NPC) Tatsu Oyakata

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