(NPC) Maddam Lemon

Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Dealer


Maddam Lemon, as she introduces herself, is the owner of the ninja tools shop in the main ninja village of the Crashing Waves nation. She sells more weapons than most people are aware exist and at least seven different kinds of kuni and shuriken. She also sells bulk explosive tags, sunburst tags, smoke bombs, poison bombs, poison salves, healing salves, and way more. If it isn’t something too specific chances are she has it, and if she doesn’t her assosiate Yoko probably does.

Maddam Lemon is a pleasent dealer of death and offers fair prices, but her goal is to make money not friends. Her weapons are of accetable quality for the most part, but she also sells top quality weapons and armor in the back of her store if you ask to see them. However they are ussually outside of the price range of most.

While Maddam Lemon never personally became a ninja both of her parents were high ranking jonin so for a time she did train with them before they died at the hands of the Avatar of Heaven. She probably has the potential to become s olid chunin at the moment if she applied to become a ninja with the village, but after what happened to her parents she’d much rather just sell ninja weapons. However, if you try to steal from her you’ll see very quickly that she didn’t choose to not become a ninja for a lack of skill.

(NPC) Maddam Lemon

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