(Jonin) Kogake Nakatome

Master of the Black Fist [The Black Devil]


Kogake was raised as a pit fighter and when the war started he was sent out of a mercinary to fight for the Crashing Waves nation. Kogake has always been a very hateful person and prefers to spend time with himself. He also despises the weak or the non-self reliant. On the battlefield her learned a forbidden technique from a scroll her found that showed him the secrets of the black fist style which infused thorium into the arms of the user.

Kogake used this new power to destroy his enemies and buy himself a new life. After the war he moved into the main village but was disgusted with how weak the civilans were. So instead he decided to live in isolation in the mountain caves where he fights the powerful monsters and ogres that live there. Battle is all Kogake knows and it is all he wants.

The Village has him listed as a Jonin, because he does accept missions when they are delivered to him. He spends most of his time as an anti tank unit, becaus ehe can now use the black fist style to cover most of his body in the hard chakra channeling metal. His claws are also hard and sharp enough to rip through the metal plating of Avalon tanks.

(Jonin) Kogake Nakatome

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