(Jonin) Haru Satake

Fastest Crashing Waves Ninja


The youngest Crashing Waves Jonin Haru is inarguebaly the fastest living thing in the entire nation. When she was younger she was seen racing archers, not their bodies though. She would race the Archer’s arrows to the targets, and win.

In battle she uses her blinding speed and her chakra control attacks to deliver massive amounts of raw chakra to the faces of her enemies. Haru is actually the only person in the Crashing Waves nation to have mastered the mysterious “Shunpo” ability.

She is an exciteable person and loves parties. Werever there is a party you can be sure you’ll find Haru there, and she will likely be the life of that party.

She thinks training kids is a waste of her time, which she values highly. But with the right twist, someone might be able to convice her training would be a good time.

(Jonin) Haru Satake

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