(Monk) Zenshin

Master of the Preassure Points Style


Zenshin was orphaned with his twin sister during the war and was adopted by the Avatar of Earth who taught them martial arts. He trained them in the secrets of the pressure points style and other taijutsu styles as well. Zenshin was the intellectual of the two twins and he picked up on the style much more quickly, but he still could never defeat his sister’s superior strength and dexterity.

Zenshin began to wear a blindfold to hide his red albino eyes in ublic at the Avatar of Earth’s request but he slowly found it was for much more than just that. Zenshin was finally able to defeat his sister when blindfolded. He could feel her spiritual energy flowing through her body directing her movements. This was a trick the Avatar of Earth taught the both of them that relied on senjutsu chakra.

Zenshin and his sister eventuallly parted ways to start new temples of their own dedicated to the pressure points style. Zenshin came to the Land of the Crashing Waves and went to each of the temples to learn the styles. He would train at a temple and defeat the master and move on. He did this for four years until he had defeated all of the masters with their own styles and he formed his own temple dedicated to jsut the pressure points style.

He gathered many pupils for his temple and began to teach them to spread his master’s style to the worthy. The greatest techniques of the pressure points style however remained a secret to all but Zenshin, his sister, and the Avatar of Earth until a student proves he is a worthy successor of the style.

(Monk) Zenshin

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