(Monk) Yu Fei

Master of the 72 Animal Styles.


Yu Fei grew up with kung fu as a child, his father was the previous master of the 72 animal styles. Yu trained with his father and the animals kept at the temple and slowly through meditation unlocked the secrets of the animal styles.

Yu Fei is now the master of the oldest kung fu style in the Crashing Waves and argueably the most prominant and powerful. It was rumored that the 72 animal styles were gifted to the first practitioner of this style by the gods themselves so that man could become more close with nature.

Yu Fei is a wise monk who teaches that peace of mind must come before strength of body. He also maintains the animals in the temple, spending most of his day feeding, watering, and speaking with them.

Yu Fei is the first monk in the Crashing Waves to attain the abilities of a ninja sage. He has become so intuned with nature that he can generate and maintain senjutsu chakra within him during his daily activities as easily as he breathes.

His training moto is; “Watch, consider, and meditate”

(Monk) Yu Fei

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