(Monk) Mikai Shishi

Master of teh Free Fist Style


Mikai grew up in the temple of the free fist as a cleaning maid back when only men were permited to join the temple. She loved the work and loved the kung fu more than anything. She would go home and pretend she was a kung fu master and practice everyday.

Eventually though a monk felt she had slighted him by accidently spilling some dirty water on him. So out of anger she challanged him to a fight, which was forbidden, and he agreed. She defeated the monk with ease and proudly reveled in the glory.

The sensei however came out to punish her and the other monk. The male monk was removed from the temple and Mikai was rewarded with training from the master himself who had seen her potential.

The master eventually declaired that females would now be able to join the Temple of the Free Fist. Many had a problem with this so he decreed that if anyone could defeat Mikai he would overturn the choice. Mikai defeated every member of the temple with ease and the new rule followed through.

Woman proved to take up the style much more easily than the men. The Free Fist style is a style of in the moment inspiration and fluidity of both body and mind. A Free Fist monk should be able to revel in the delicacy of combat and let his chakra guide his movements.

Eventually the master died and Mikai took over as the head of the Free Fist style. Her training moto is; “Do not guide your chakra like other do, instead let it guide you”

(Monk) Mikai Shishi

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