(Group A1) Kiri Yozai

Eldest Daughter of the Kage


Kiri Yozai is the eldest daughter of the Namikage and as such is expected to become a powerful suiton user. As the only suiton user in a group of two raiton user Kiri is ussually the engager in combat, soaking all of her enemies with her water to allow her squadmates to electricute them to death.

At a very young age Kiri has had ninjutsu drilled into her by her mother’s advisors, as well as arthmatic, language, and other educational affairs. Kiri grew up during the war so she saw very little of her mother as she was usually out on the front lines fighting some intense battle. Kiri was raised under the assumption that she would become the next Kage after her mother passed or at the very least would hold some position of high authority.

Kiri was always considered to be beautiful amoungst her peers and was an often sought after goal for many boys while at the Acadamy. She has never been one to take an interest in boys though.

However, Kiri was promised to Raigami shortly after they graduated to form a political aliance between the two houses. At first she didn’t mind, Raigami was nice and very intellegent, but this was only unitl she truely got to know Arata. It wasn’t long before she and Arata fell very deeply in love, unfortuneatly she was allready engaged to her other squadmate. She is constantly torn between her duty as a Yozai and her feelings as a person.

Kiri’s goal is to rid herself of her duties here in the Crashing Waves and to some day live out her dreams in some far away land, but at the same time she knows her village needs her and her power. Maybe after the war though….

(Group A1) Kiri Yozai

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