(Group B2) Tamaki Gin

Battle Umbrella Specialist [The Mad Monkey]


Tamaki has always been a handful in the Acadamy class. He’s always had more energy than anyone else and is always causing trouble when he gets restless. He is either making a mess, or getting ready to at any point during the day.

Tamaki was orphaned as a child when both of his parents died at the hands of the Avatar of Heaven. He plans to someday get revenge and kill him. He does however enjoy his life at the orphange with the other war orphans.

Tamaki spends his free time watching the monks of the 72 animal stances and taught himself a bit of the monkey style. He has blended it overtime into his own personal battle umbrella style. Becasue of this he has been given the title “The Mad Monkey” by the rest of the village.

It may be easy to make fun of Tamaki, but in one on one sparing battles he is almost unbeatable. His stamina and quick unpredictable movements make him near impossible to land a hit on during practice. His teachers however worry that someday his style will hit a wall when he begins fighting more skileld opponets.

(Group B2) Tamaki Gin

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