(Group B2 Sensei) Ryu Onwa

Genjutsu Specialist [The Lanturn Beaerer]


Ryu has never really been anything too special. He has lived his life as a pretty average ninja with a very mild personality. During the war he lost alot of friends, just like everyone else, he shed alot of tears, just like everyone else, and he killed alot of people, just like everyone else.

During the war he earned the title of “Laturn Bearer” because he would carry a laturn into battle so his squad could remain close to him to aovid stepping to their deaths. It wasn’t like he was some kind of genius for doing it…He just didn’t want to yell at them for running off and this was easier… Regardless he took the praise, explaining would just be more of a pain anyways.

Ryu’s family is one of the more wealthy families in the Crashing Waves nation, his father passed away recently of old age and his mother now runs most of the clan’s holdings. Ryu is an only child and was expected to take over the house, but his ninja duties seem to always get in the way.

He was eventually promoted to Jonin, not because he was some amazing ninja on the battlefield, but because over time he had just slowly become strong enough to be considered one. He hates prodigies who think the world owes them everything and prefers much more mild natured students. Which is not what he got at all.

He is constantly frustrated with the amount of energy his students have and often has them run laps or lift weights just to give him a break from training them. If it were up to Ryu he’d spend his whole day watching clouds roll by, smoking, and looking at beautiful women.

(Group B2 Sensei) Ryu Onwa

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