(Group B2) Akira Sunaichi

Genjutsu User


Akira was born to a family of samurai and was expected to serve the house as female should, in the home. But Akira never wanted a life like that, she’s always been a very charismatic and forward person. Her mother secretly enrolled her ninja classes as the Acadamy where she made many friends. She exudes charisma to those around her and always seems to be the center of any conversation. Because of this she quickly picked up on people’s manerisms and became adept at maneuvering a conversation.

Eventually her father found out that she was taking ninja classes and scolded both her and her mother. During the war her father lost many friends to ninjas and as such he hated them. Akira started to despise her father and eventually challanged him to a battle for the right to her future, he accepted.

She immediatly trapped him in a genjutsu and layed the “finishing Blow” with her boken. When her father awoke and found that his young 7 year old daughter had bested him in one on one combat he was ashamed and allowed her to continue her schooling.

Akira, while she thrives in social enviroments, is actually quite the wallflower given the opportunity. She is good with conversations and everyone likes her (party because of her looks) but she prefers to watch and listen given the chance.

She enjoys theature, music, and the arts and despises easily excitable fools, like her squadmate Tamaki.

(Group B2) Akira Sunaichi

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