(Group A3) Zeru

A Fallen Prodigy


Zeru was the ideal ninja as a child. Polite and followed all orders perfectly, he actually graduated the Acadamy two years early and began on C rank missions only a weeks after his graduation. He was a prodigy when it came to kung-fu, following the path of the 72 animal stances. Within a single year Zuru had mastered more of them than many do in a lifetime, he had evened defeated many of his elder monks in one on one combat.

However, this all changed after the accident. Unlike most ninja, Zeru’s tradgedy didn’t happen on the battlefield, it happened in a resteraunt. He and his sensei were eating at a tapenyaki bar when hot oil splashed into his eyes, damaging even the optic nerve beyond the healing abilities of the medical ninja. Zeru beleived his life had ended there, he even went as far as to destroy the bar before being sent to prison.

While there his mind went to dangerous places until eventually his sensei returned. Having paid to rebuild the house better than before they choose to allow Zeru to go free.

His sensei introduced him to Aza, who promised to retrain him as a ninja…Once he relearned the basics as a blindman. He found that it was much harder the secound time around.

(Group A3) Zeru

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