(Group A3) Aio Ejji

Wind Wind User. Polearm Specialist


Aio is a third generation blind ninja. Both his father and grandfatehr were both born blind and became ninja. Thus Aio naturally joined Aza’s squad when she was forming a team of all blind ninjas. Aio is a happy well spoken boy who wants to leave his mark on the world, just like his father and grandfather before him.

He uses a mixture taijutsu and ninjutsu in combat to throw off his enemies. Aio has the benefit of 360 degree “vision” because of his blindness and he takes great advantage of this. He gets right into the middle of a group of enemies and uses their bodies against one another and forces clumsy mistakes. He uses his wind style to read air pressure to find his targets and his polearms to slice down his enemies and keep them an appropriate distance from him.

Another use for his wind style is that he uses it to rapidly cross the battlefield to seak out targets. Aza is always telling him to be more cautious about the way he fights, but his father always taught him that caution was for people who could see. However, his squadmates also seem to get annoyed with his running off, so he at least tries to follow Aza’s orders sometimes.

He thinks his other two squadmates are sticks in the mud, but overal Aio is living a pretty enjoyable life. He enjoys making people feel awkward about his blindness and will sometimes even go sit at plays and tell people to move so he can see.

(Group A3) Aio Ejji

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