(Group A3) #3

Blind Bladeswoman


Number Three was born blind, like her sensei and was thrown into the river. By chance alone she managed to find herself perched upoin some driftwood where she was found by a group of slavers and raised as some oddity. She grew up as a female slave, and thus knew the horrible things lurking inside the hearts of most men, but this was how she was raised and thus she knew no different.

Many nights she would lay awake and listen to the others, she lost her sight but her other senses were far superior and over time she learned if she focuses she could enhance them even further. Without knowing she had started using her chakra to increase her sensory perception.

It was a night like any other when a larger man came in to feed his appetites for younger womaen when she finalyl snapped and slit his throat. She escaped through a window and ran down the street, stumbling, naked, and covered in blood.

It was at this time she met Aza, who judged the situation in moments with her amazing sensory abilities. She covered Number Three and brought her to the vilallage to be trained as a ninja.

She is calm and silent, traits that were drileld into her as a child, and she prefers to listen from afar to gain a better understanding of people and situations. She can “see” much more about a person than someone could with eyes, their sweating, heatrate, uncomfortable shuffling…she can hear, smell , and feel it all.

She decided to keep her slave name to remind her of were she came from, and that she could only rise up from there. Over time her suiton prowess has developed along with her resolve. She moves like water on the battlefield and can use certain ninjutsu to feel the flow of water around her. This technique was originally used to assist with underwater opperations, but with Number Three’s amazing sensory abilities she was able to adapt it to land fighting to feel the water in people’s bodies moving around. Because of this she can “see” someone’s internal organs as clear as day, even more so than their skin or face.

(Group A3) #3

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