(Group A2 Sensei) Genji Daigo

Katon User [Genji of the Blue Flame]


Genji was born to a lower house with little to his name, because of this he chose to become a soldier at a very young age as there was a war going on and the pay wasn’t bad. He served as a footsoldier for some time, narrowly surviving many ninja encounters until eventually his best friend jumped ontop of him to stop him from getting his by a stray fireball. At was at that moment, with his friends all burning to death around him, that he decided he would no longer be cannon fodder.

That night he stole some ninja scrolls from the ninja library and began to study the secret shinobi arts. He was suprised at how easily it all came to him. He started using his knowledge of chakra to bolster his physical prowess on the battlefield to help save his allies and his name quickly spread throughout the ranks of the grunts. That was probably how the ninja police found him. He was incarcerated for a time and he spent this time practicing control of his chakra until eventually he could even make a small fire in his cell during cold nights when the guards weren’t around.

This prison he was in just so happened to be on the border of the Crashing Waves nation and the Sand nation. It was by this stroke of luck his cell was broken open during a battle. Everything inside of him told him to escape north and start a new life, but he saw those he once called comrads being slaughtered by the sand ninja so he decided to fight back instead of escape.

Using his weak katon and superior unarmed skills he subdued one of the ninjas and wounded another. They were only children in his eyes, but they were still trained killers. When the Crashing Wave’s kage arrived she pardoned him under the condition that he be trained by her advisor in the arts of ninjutsu.

So Genji became a ninja and fought on the frontlines once again, continuing to hone his chakra. It was this focus on the basics that lead to his unnaturally large chakra pool and mastery of chakra control. With a single point of chakra it was said that he could light a village ablaze, and still have chakra left over to leap over it. These were of course exagerations, but they weren’t far from the truth.

Eventually he began to enrich his katon with more chakra, leading to a deep blue flame erupting from his body. The soldiers began to call him Genji of the Blue Flame and the name stuck. The soldiers noticed that they never seemed to accidently get hit with blue fire on the battlefield. Genji’s time as a foot soldier allowed him to understand the hearts of the weak, and thus he was often the most successfull when placed amoungst lowly soldiers on the battlefield instead of normal ninja squads.

His heroism in battle earned him the rank of Jonin and the highest medals of honor the vilalge could award him. During his time in the war, Genji had the lowest casualty rating of any of the other squads. So it was only natural when the war ended he was set to teaching other ninjas to be jsut like him someday.

Genji is now the sensei of his own ninja cell.

While his squad never quite made it past the three on three fights during the chunin exams as they were facing a very skilled group of opponets, they were still promoted to chunin.

(Group A2 Sensei) Genji Daigo

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