(Group A2) Kujo Kikawa

Genius Millitary Stratagist


Kujo has always been smarter than most kids his age, he always prefered to study behavior rather than participate in group activities. His teachers took note of this and allowed him to sharpen this talent rather than force him to play with the others.

Kujo graduated the Acadamy with the secound highest overal score and the highest written test score by far. Which was suprising becasuse neither of his parents were ninjas, they were footsoldiers. He was enrolled in the ninja acadamy at his own wish when he was younger becasue of his knack for millitary stratagy even as a child.

Kujo’s weapon of choice is the Crashing Wave’s battle umbrella. These umbrella can be used to house a number of deadly weapons known only to the wielder and can even be enhanced with chakra to form powerful shields against attacks.

Kujo likes to sit back and let Kira handle the frontline while he provides supressing fire and formulates a battle stratagy.

Kujo prefers subtlty and guile over a fair fight and prefers a fight to be over days before it even begins. He has been called heartless by some and practical by others.

(Group A2) Kujo Kikawa

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