(Group A2) Kira Kyogaku

Feirce Taijutsu Specialist


Kira was always large for his age amounst his peers. He also has always had sharp shark like teeth that he is very self concious about (as well as gills he has kept hidden from all but a few). Kira was born with a genetic deformity that is rather common in the Crashing waves that caused him to be born with shark like characteristics. Kira was lucky and received only mild characterstics, but there are some born with symptoms so bad, their entire body is covered in shark skin.
He was also much stronger than his classmates, he had the highest possible scores in Taijutsu upon graduatation and even went on to defeat many of the great monks of the Crashing Waves monk houses. Now, while he isn’t a genius stratagist, he is still very intellegent and chooses to not pick fights he can’t win.

He specializes in a chaotic battlefield. Kira has the strange ability to remain calm and collected in even the most stressful situations. He relies on his other two allies to rain down poison needles and explosions while he avoids them and limits the movements of his opponets.

He wears heavier armor than most ninja do to protect him from stray attacks he is unaware of. His tough body also permits him to occasionally take hits for his allies. He plays the “Tank” roll in his squad.

(Group A2) Kira Kyogaku

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