(Group A1 Sensei) Fujiwara Kamatari

Head of the Kamatari Family


Fujiwara was born in the Crashing Waves nation early on during the war. His family was a renown clan of researchers and in the end his birth was simply just one more of his family’s experements. They had genetically altered his body’s nerves to accept thorium coatings that channled chakra more efficently.

At a young age he was sent into the frontlines with his “brothers” and “sisters” who had the same body modifications. It allowed them to perform much more powerful ninjutsu and channel chakra in a much more deadly fashion. The process however left their bodies scared with strange black markings.

During the fighting Fujiwara was injured one day and sent back to the base to receive medical care. It was this day the Avatar of Heaven struck and he was spared. He saw it as a sign of divine providance and returned home to cull his family. After he purged his family he was sent to prison and held their for four years.

He was eventually released for good behavior and because of the fact that the nation slowly began to realize what atrocities his family had performed on their own children and civilians alike.

When he left prsion he was only 20, it was at this time he took the mantle of his family and claimed the land as his own by right of birth. He met a local woman and had a single child that he named Raigami.

He enrolled his son in the ninja acadamy when he was born under the requirement that he be his sensei when he graduated. Now that the time has come Fujiwara has returned to the battlefield as his son’s sensei and left his wife incharge of their land and holdings.

(Group A1 Sensei) Fujiwara Kamatari

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