(Group A1) Raigami Kamatari

Ninjutsu Genius


Raigami is the first born generation of the newly formed Kamatari family and is as such the expected successor of the clan. Because of this alot of pressure is placed on him to succeed. He had the highest combined scores in his graduating class and was highly liked by his peers, despite his strange black markings.

The markings on his body are the result of experements performed on his father before his birth. These markings are enriched thorium that accelerate the channeling of chakra through his body and nerves. This gives him astounding ninjutsu and taijutsu capabilities.

Now that Raigami is 13 he is expected to begin courting women from other highly prominant clans to further their house’s influence, and as usual Raigami obediantly follows his duty to his family without complaint. He and the Kage’s eldest daughter, Kiri, who also happens to be his squadmate are promised to one another. Truth be told he thinks she can be quite dull, but he enjoys her company.

His father is his groups sensei and thus he is also put through alot of pressure during missions and on the battlefield, but his two excelent squadmates make everything worht it. He and Arata have been best friends at the Acadamy sense they both arived there four years ago and are inseperable. Raigami has even taken a liking to Arata’s brother and helps train him occasionally.

(Group A1) Raigami Kamatari

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