(Group A3 Sensei) Aza Yozai

Sister of the Namikage [The Mole]


Aza doesn’t remember the early part of her life very well. She was told that she was born blind and abandoned by her family when she turned three. After she was abandoned she was raised by moles who were attracted by her extremely rich doton chakra.

She was found a few years later by Suzushi in the wilderness one day while she was out on a mission. Suzushi spoke with her, but of course Aza couldn’t speak. Suzushi brought her home to her mother and they adopted her.

She learned to speak and grew up as Suzushi’s sister, learning ninjutsu with her. During the war both of their parents were killed and the two of them became the heads of the household and they vowed to never let the sand nation have their way.

Suzushi became the Kage of the village and Aza was eventually promoted to Jonin level and served as a ANBU for some time before she realized there were many other like herself that were simply abandoned at birth for their defects. She started a subsection of the Acadamy dedicated to training dissabled ninjas.

She now leads her first graduated squad of blind ninja, teaching them that what they have is far from a dissability, the sight is mearly a crutch used by the rest of the world. She teaches them to use bo-staves for the most part because that is her weapon of choice and it allows a blind person the largest advantage in combat.

(Group A3 Sensei) Aza Yozai

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