(Group A1) Arata Kazuma

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Arata Kazuma is the firstborn son to the Kazuma family and a third generation ninja. His father imegrated to the Crashing Waves nation after the war and married his mother, a non-ninja civilian.

His father his a wind element, but Arata was born with the rare lightning element which he inherited from his non-ninja mother. Arata uses this along with his god-like speed to out maneuver and confuse enemies on the battlefield. He has never been struck on the battlefield and plans to keep it that way.

Arata tries to keep himself in peak physical condition and trains with his yonger brother regularly. He often has races with his yonger brother and always beats him by a slim margin on purpose to hive his little brother something to strive for. He always beats him by between 1 and 2 secounds to give the occasional illusion that he is getting much better than he is to encourage his younger brother to train harder.

Arata and Raigami have been best friends sense they first met at the Acadamy and plan to remain that way for as long as possible. They make an excelent team on the battlefield and have perfected many teamwork techniques with devestating effects. While Raigami is commonly accepted as the greatest ninja of his generation, Arata stays very closely behind and allows Arata to bathe in the limelight for his and his father’s sake. Arata is the kind of person that draws more happiness from his friend getting the glory than himself.

Sadly, Arata has a strong crush on Kiri, his squadmate and the eldest daughter to the Kage. This is sad because she and Raigami are promised to be wed, a marriage of politics. Until recently this hasn’t been a problem, however Kiri recently told Arata that she felt the same way he did towards her and she didn’t want to marry Raigami. This has slowly began to build tension between the three of them.

(Group A1) Arata Kazuma

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